Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ahira's Scrapbook

So what started me on this crazy scrapbooking kick you ask? Well I'll tell you. I wanted to make a scrapbook for my brother's wife Ahira. I have no children and so theirs feel like my own. Love em to pieces and I wanted to create a scrapbook they could have as a keepsake. The first page was a family tree with their names and I made a double page layouts for each member of the family. I have only posted a few of the layouts here. The scrapbook ends with a layout of the entire family. I did not yet have a cricut so no cricut is used. The main color theme of the scrapbook is brown. Well here it is, my first attempt at a scrapbook. Be gentle........

Cookie Bouquets

So I took a few cake decorating classes and decided let me try cookies! (Yeah because a few classes have made me an expert....riiiiiiight). So my friend Marisol and I were planning her daughter Sophia's christening. Me (and my big mouth) suggested cookie bouquets for the table centerpieces. "Marisol it will be easy and so cute." Well it did turn out to be cute but not so easy. It was a labor of love (emphasis on the word labor). I have never worked so hard in my life. She and her family helped with the baking but of course being a neurotic virgo I had to do all the icing and decorating myself. Oh they tried to help but I would just say no thats ok I'll do it. Jeeeez I'm tired just thinking about those 2 days we spent on these cookies. We made 10 bouquets with 8 cookies in each. They came out great and the recipe was really tasty but lord it was time consuming. Anyway here they are, enjoy.

Let them eat cake...but take a picture first : )

Ok so ask my friends and they will tell you I'm a crafty chick. I love all "crafty" things as they say. While baking may not be crafty I was really interested in cake decorating. I think its so beautiful. Plus it's cake helloooo! Who doesn't like cake I ask you? I decided to take some of the Wilton courses at my local AC Moore. The photos below are my progression from course 1 to 3

Sophia's Mini Tag Book

I made this mini tag book for my new god-daughter Sophia aka "Sophia Poo". This is the first time I've worked with scrapping on such a small scale. You would think it would take a fraction of the time of a 12x12 scrapbook but you'd be soooo wrong. This is me we're talking about and it took quite some time to get it just right. : ) I'm a virgo, things must be just so. It's a curse I tell you! I've posted only some of the pages. Hope you like it (and if you don't...just pretend for my sake).