Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ini Capini's Impromptu V-Day Card Extravaganza

Which is better....scrapping alone or scrapping with a bunch of crazy obsessive dedicated neurotic scrappers?

A bunch of scrappers of course even if they are crazy. Crazy can be good. Nothing wrong with being crazy. Being crazy can keep you sane especially when it comes to this hobby which for so many is an escape from the craziness that is life. Okay have I used the word "CRAZY" enough in this post? I think so, let's move on.

This post is in honor of a new friend who so graciously invited a bunch of scrappers to her home and lived to tell the tale. I am speaking of no other than our own Ms. Ini Capini!!! We scrapped on Sunday afternoon at Ini's home, ate, laughed and I even made a card. Well a half of a card I actually finished it at home. Ini's theme for the get together was vintage valentine's day cards. I don't know how vintage my card is. I would guess it is more of a shabby chic style.

A big shout out to my scrappy girls Rosie, Christine, Julie, via apple i-chat Salima and my dear friend Perla who was unable to make it. We missed you girl! And of course the hostess herself, the fabulous Ini Capini. I humbly bow to your creative awesomeness.

Utensils up! Now say cheeeeeese...

I asked them to do something crazy....this is the best they came up with

A special celebrity guest appearance via i-chat webcam by Pocahontis aka Salima-mima

Doesn't she look adorable.

and of course no scrap meet is complete without.....COFFEE. Who can scrap without coffee? Not me.


  1. Really the kettle calling the kettle black huh? LOL I enjoyed your post you are too funny!

  2. this was a fun day dont forgetyour slamming cupcakes